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Experienced Attorney

Community Leader

Proud Mom to 5 Young Adults

A Voice for All Texans

Denise with her husband Carl, their sons Carter and Dean, and daughters Zoe and Gabrielle R.

About Denise Wilkerson

Born and raised by two WWII veterans, Denise Wilkerson embodies the values of service, faith, and Texas pride. With a rich background and a heart full of dedication, Denise Wilkerson is the ideal choice to represent Texas HD-94.

Denise learned early on the importance of service to one's country and community. Her father's unwavering commitment to our country by serving through the Vietnam War instilled in Denise a deep sense of duty and compassion for others.

Denise’s Parents on their Wedding Day in 1944

Having moved around frequently during her childhood, Denise gained a unique perspective on the diversity of cultures and backgrounds. This experience taught her the value of respecting everyone’s experiences, and learning from the community.

Denise began her career with an internship at the Oklahoma Supreme Court and Immediately after her law school graduation, she and her husband Carl settled down in the great state of Texas.

Denise embarked on a lifelong journey with her husband, Carl, immediately after her law school graduation, settling down in the great state of Texas, so he could attend Baylor Law School. 

For nearly a decade, Denise served as a criminal prosecutor, tirelessly seeking justice for victims. This experience honed her legal acumen and deepened her compassion for her community members.

Denise embraced motherhood, taking time off from her legal career to spend five precious years at home while her children were young. Her commitment to family exemplifies Denise's dedication to our shared community values.

After her youngest child started kindergarten, Denise resumed her legal career as a Litigation Attorney for the City of Arlington, where she served her city for nine years. Ensuring our city operates with the highest standards of justice and accountability. In 2013, Denise transitioned into the non-profit sector, using her years of personal and professional advocacy skills on behalf of several community service organizations, many of which she supports to this day. In her retirement, Denise has continued her service to our City by serving on two of the Mayor’s Advisory Boards.

Denise expanded her family by becoming a foster parent, providing love and stability to those who needed it most. She is a Mom to five successful young adults who continue her legacy of service. Denise takes great pride in her children, and is proud of her son’s service to our country as a U.S. Naval Aviator.

Denise Wilkerson sitting on a bench outside J.L. Hill Elementary School.

Denise is passionate about our public schools. As a proud and involved Arlington ISD parent, she tirelessly volunteered at her children's schools, serving on the PTA executive board and in various booster clubs in leadership roles, ensuring that our schools received the needed support they deserve.

As a faithful member of Fielder Church for over two decades, Denise dedicates her time to the preschool ministry.

Informed by her 30+ years of advocacy, volunteerism, and community involvement, Denise understands the unique needs of our community. 

Since Denise and Carl settled down in Arlington, nearly 25 years ago, they’ve been engaged with the community through advocacy, volunteerism, and community involvement. The Wilkerson family supports a broad range of local organizations, including Women Inspiring Philanthropy, the Levitt Pavilion, Theater Arlington, the Arlington Museum of Art, the Fleetwood Project, Cancer Care Services, and so many more. 

Denise embodies Texas values, with a lifetime of experience, dedication, and a heart full of compassion. She's committed to representing our district with competence, friendliness, and a steadfast commitment to our shared values.

Together, we can build a brighter, friendlier future for Texans.

From the community, for the community.

Let's elect Denise to represent us all!


Let's elect Denise to the Texas House!


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