Denise's Priorities

My goal is to build a stage, not a soap box. I want to hear from our community about your priorities. Denise cares about what matters to you, let her know!

Protect Public Education

Let's rally together to support our public schools and universities to ensure that every young Texan gets a top-notch education. We need to expand access to high-quality early childhood education to better prepare children for their educational journey. By investing in our future leaders, we'll build a stronger Texas!

Reduce Gun Violence

Addressing gun violence, especially school shootings, is a complex and multifaceted challenge. Implementing and strengthening sensible gun safety measures, supporting mental health initiatives, and researching the causes of gun violence is only a start. I believe we can work together as a caring and united Texas community to reduce gun violence and eliminate fear, creating safer environments and futures, for all Texans, especially our children.

Healthcare for All

Texans believe in taking care of each other, and that means making healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone. We must ensure that vulnerable and underserved populations receive equitable access. When decisions about the nation's health care are based on political ideology, rather than scientific evidence, the consequences will be far reaching and catastrophic. Individuals should be free to make personal choices about their healthcare and their children’s healthcare without government interference.

Environmental Sustainability

Preserving our stunning Texas landscapes is a priority. Climate change seriously threatens our planet, nature, and our own well-being. It causes more extreme weather, rising sea levels, and affects food and water availability, and our health and economies. By taking action now, we can make a positive impact and create a better future. 

Social Justice

Texans are all about fairness and treating folks right. Striving for social justice and equality is not only essential, it’s a Texas value. By addressing systemic issues, and promoting inclusivity, we can build a more just society where everyone’s rights and dignity are respected.


A reliable power grid, clean water, and safe highways are essential for keeping our great state moving. Let's invest in our infrastructure to keep Texas booming!

Community and Compassion

In Texas, we value hospitality, community and showing a little kindness to those in need. Helping our neighbors, supporting one another, and caring for the less fortunate reflect the heart of America’s greatness.

With our Texas spirit and can-do attitude, we'll keep making strides to improve and shape a better future for all!

Let's elect Denise to the Texas House!


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